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taking a nap is always so risky like when will I wake up? in thirty minutes? in 2 hours? in 7 years?? no one can be sure


Do not be so sweet
That people will eat you up.

Nor so bitter that
They will spit you out.

Pashto Folk Saying (via nainareign)
"   If she only wants you, don’t worry about who wants her   "
Unknown (via stevenbong)


Augustus is quirky, weird, and nerdy. That’s kind of how I am in real life. Really! I paint miniatures and play video games, too. I have a lot in common with the guy!

and youre such a babe!

"   Nostalgia is a
dirty liar
that insists things
were better
than they seemed.   "
Michelle K., I Can’t Stop Questioning It.    (via hefuckin)